2019/05/15 O-Technique International Myanmar Company Limited was established.

O-Technique international Myanmar co.,Ltd was established from May-2019 in Myanmar by direct investment of O-Technique Co.,Ltd (Japan) .  O-technique co.,ltd  has company`s mission to:  create an environment for people can develop,  Innovates way working with ICT and bring the world to technology.  According to those missions, O-Technique international Myanmar co.,Ltd will going to support development of Myanmar construction Industry.

We have plan to support technical intern trainees who have returned to Myanmar for the future of the construction industry in Myanmar. We will going to create jobs in Myanmar. In addition to O-Technique International Myanmar Company Limited, we will introduce Myanmar engineers to Myanmar construction companies, Japanese construction companies and companies around the world.

Focus on education. This is to pursue the safety and efficiency of construction in Myanmar. It is possible to establish a safe and secure Myanmar infrastructure and support the rapid growth of Myanmar in the future.